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About Noveto

At Noveto we've developed a revolutionary new, AI-based audio technology. It beams pockets of sound just outside of your ears - like two little invisible speakers - that follow your head when you move. This creates a very enjoyable, immersive and personalized new listening experience never achieved before. Thanks to our built-in facial tracking and advanced sound monitoring, our technology provides a more natural and intuitive way to communicate with Smart Assistants like Google and Alexa. A new way of Smart Living.

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Noveto Immersive Audio Product

Our game changing smart audio desktop device provides a seamless and intuitive interface so you can stream sound directly to your ears for an immersive and personal audio experience without headphones. The built-in AI based facial tracking and advanced audio monitoring work in unison with our Smart Beaming technology, making our speaker compatible with any smart assistant for an entirely natural and new way of communicating in your smart home and office.

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Smart Assistant Compatible:

Noveto Smart Beaming Technology

Not since the headphone was invented has there been a new way of listening and experiencing audio.

Smart Beaming by Noveto: a new technology which beams sound waves to just outside your ears so you can enjoy an immersive and personalised listening experience - no headphones. It's an entirely new way of listening, like nothing before.

Smart Beaming Use Cases

Hearing is arguably one of the most important of the five senses. It keeps us connected to the world around us, enabling us to communicate in a way that none of our other senses can do. Whether listening to music, movies, playing games, or chatting with the people you care about, listening inspires, excites and connects like nothing else.

Smart Living at Home and Office

Working in an open-office environment or at home? Pair the Noveto speaker with your computer or tablet and enjoy personal immersive video and audio calls without the need to wear any physical device that cuts you off from the world. Our technology is able to reduce audio pollution by up to 90%.

Entertainment and Mindfulness

The Noveto Gen 1enhances your favourite podcast and/or meditation app, providing a more immersive and sensory experience without uncomfortable headphones and tangled wires. With the Noveto Speaker you can enjoy audio from your chosen playlist or follow step by step recipes with your favourite chef vlog without being cut off from what is happening around you.

Home Fitness

Imagine using your treadmill, exercise bike or home-trainer and hearing the onscreen audio or your favourite fitness instructor or playlist free from uncomfortable, sweaty headphones that keep falling off and annoying, tangled wires.'

Casual Gaming

When paired with your favourite console or tablet, Gaming becomes more immersive and three dimensional, keeping you in the action longer. Noveto Smart Beaming™ gives you hours of gaming comfort without using headphones or disturbing others.

Open Positions

Join the Noveto family and be part of our audio evolution. We are a global company with offices in Tel Aviv, Berlin, Beijing, Lausanne and we'll be announcing details of our new office in California soon.

Distribution and Retail Sales:

We are always looking for great distribution and retail partners. If you are interested in selling Noveto products in your store or becoming an authorized distributor please get in touch.

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