People are tired of the physical discomfort, social isolation, and high costs related to today’s Headphone and Earphone products. They are demanding a better way …


Unlike traditional directional sound technology, Noveto Smart Audio® technology delivers true stereo and 3D sound to an individual’s ears without the need for headphones or traditional speakers. As a result the user can experience high quality sound without the isolation caused by headphones or the noise pollution generated by speakers. Noveto Smart Audio® technology also works seamlessly within confined spaces, which makes it an ideal solution for use within the home, office environment and inside automobiles.

Companies have attempted before to replace Headphones, Earphones and Speakers with what is often referred to as “directional sound” solutions. These products create a virtual sound “tunnel” that a user must sit “inside”. While in this tunnel the user must remain still in order to hear the sound being generated. These solutions have not been adopted because they are very expensive (typically cost over $1,000 USD), lack any kind of privacy, cannot deliver stereo or 3D sound, are often bulky and poorly designed, do not work in confined spaces, and cannot be embedded within other products.

In contrast, we have developed the world’s first “dynamic focused sound” solution that can track an individual’s head movement, enabling our system to precisely generate sound to that users’ ears. This method does not isolate the user from his surroundings, allows for a far greater degree of head movement, prevents annoying noise pollution, and delivers full stereo and 3D sound. The result is a uniquely individual sound experience unlike anything on the market today.