Transforming How We Experience Audio.

From Speakers and Headphones to SoundBeaming™

Until now, there have been two ways to hear audio: out loud and publicly via speakers, or quietly and privately with headphones. At Noveto®, we’re introducing a third and new way to listen using a patented technology we call SoundBeaming™. This is an entirely new type of sensory listening that will change the way people experience audio.

With SoundBeaming™ you can hear audio from a variety of sources privately and without disturbing others. And because the sound is beamed directly outside the ears, listening becomes far more sensory and natural. In fact, you can even experience sounds in spatial 3D without needing complicated surround speaker setups or being limited to the stereo sound of headphones.

Noveto® SoundBeaming™ places ultrasonic waves just outside your ears, creating a 3D sensory listening experience with privacy and without disturbing others - no speakers or headphones.

The Science Behind the System

SoundBeaming works using ultrasonic waves and beamforming to place sound just outside the ears. The waves are generated using Noveto-developed proprietary DSP algorithms and pushed into the air via a custom-designed transducer array. From the inside it may look like a small speaker, but you won’t hear anything coming out.

A 3D sensing module built into the hardware locates and tracks the position of your ears in real time, at which point the ultrasonic waves converge into small pockets of sound just outside the ears. Here the sound can be heard again as normal acoustic waves without disturbing others.

Move your head in any direction and the two sound pockets will magically follow. Spatial 3D capability makes it possible to experience sounds placed anywhere in space regardless of head movement.

A Listening Revolution

Speakers and headphones are good for certain applications, but SoundBeaming offers a completely new way to listen with three key advantages:

A new sensory listening experience

Noveto’s technology goes beyond traditional listening by making the sound feel as if it comes from almost within oneself and by offering true spatial 3D audio capability.

Hear audio privately without headphones

Headphones can be uncomfortable and cause isolation during work or family time. SoundBeaming delivers audio privately without anything to get in the way.

Enjoy audio without disturbing others

Whether making a video call, watching TV at night, or playing video games in a crowded living room, SoundBeaming keeps those around you undisturbed.

Imagine a World…

Where sound can be private and spatially three-dimensional. Free from wearing headphones and without disturbing others. Where you can almost feel the sound coming from within. With SoundBeaming, the possibilities are virtually endless. Below are just a few examples where Noveto’s technology can improve the listening experience.

Video Conferencing

Working in an open-office environment or at home? Set up a SoundBeaming device with your computer and you’ll be able to make video and audio calls privately and without creating excessive noise pollution—all without the need to wear any physical device that cuts you off from your team or environment.

Home Entertainment

When paired with your favourite console or tablet, Gaming becomes more immersive and three dimensional, keeping in the action longer. No need for headphones as SoundBeaming™ gives you hours of gaming comfort without disturbing others.


When paired with your favourite console or tablet, Gaming becomes more immersive and three dimensional, keeping in the action longer. SoundBeaming™ gives you hours of gaming comfort without using headphones or disturbing others.


Imagine walking up to a treadmill or stationary bike and hearing the onscreen audio free from headphones. It’s not only more hygienic, but also more comfortable to exercise without a sweaty device that can get in the way, fall off, or stop working due to a low battery.

Hear the Future

SoundBeamer™ Demonstrator

Noveto products come in two forms: stand-alone branded hardware and embedded solutions for third-party products. The company’s first consumer device, SoundBeamer 1.0, is planned for release in December 2021. This compact, desktop unit is designed primarily for video conferencing but can also be used for SoundBeaming anything from podcasts to meditation and more.

SoundBeamer 1.0 can be paired to any Bluetooth device, such as a computer or tablet and has everything built in:

  • 3D sensing module for locating ear position and built-in mic
  • Proprietary Noveto DSP and chipsets
  • Custom-designed dual transducer array
  • Noveto Connect utility software

Noveto will simultaneously be licensing SoundBeaming technology across diverse product categories and markets: OEMs are invited to collaborate and customise unique experiences using the SoundBeamer Demonstrator (available today). Watch this space for further announcements.

At Noveto, we’re transforming audio.

Co-founded by Tomer Shani in 2011, the company began with the vision to free the world from the audio constraints of headphones and speakers. After years of development to mature the technology and ecosystem, Noveto is bringing SoundBeaming to market via branded hardware and licensing under the leadership of CEO Dr. Christophe Ramstein.

Noveto holds over 20 global patents and is headquartered in Tel Aviv, with offices in Switzerland, Germany and the U.S.


Management Team

Dr. Christophe Ramstein


Christophe is passionate with the user experience. He is a serial entrepreneur with significant experience in tech companies, specifically in licensing businesses, an area in which he led to significant deals and successful exits. Prior to joining Noveto, Christophe was leading Myotest, a licensor of motion analysis algorithms and prior to that VP Engineering at Logitech and CTO at Immersion, a global licensor of haptic technology.

Tomer Shani


Prior to co-founding Noveto, Tomer served as VP Operations at ITL Optronics, a leading hi-tech company operating in the field of multi-disciplinary high-end electro-optic devices. Tomer holds a B.Sc. in Industrial Engineering and an MBA from Tel Aviv University.

Gil Lev


Gil brings to Noveto over 20 years of experience in business and legal practice. Gil’s experience spans from Corporate and Commercial Law to M&As, technology, Sports and IP. Gil was involved in complex Banking and Telecom transactions… Gil holds an LLB and BA in business administration and an MBA.

Assaf Guterman

Head of Engineering

Assaf is a seasoned R&D manager, specializing in multi-disciplinary projects in medical devices and Hi-Tech. His previous positions include program management in Lumenis, Clear-Cut medical and Applisonix. Assaf holds a BSc in both Electronics Engineering and Physics, MSc in Biomedical Engineering, and an MBA.

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