About Noveto

/ 'novetos/ (Latin word for "innovations")

Noveto was founded by university friends Tomer Shani and Noam Babayoff with the vision of elevating the audio experience, providing a more natural and immersive way to communicate and freeing the world from the constraints of headphones and speakers.

We are transforming smart living at home and in the office through a groundbreaking intuitive interface and advanced audio technologies that change the way we experience sound and interact through our smart devices.

We've created a new audio technology and range of smart audio products capable of beaming sound directly outside your ears creating an immersive personal audio experience. —no headphones.

We hold over 46 patents and have developed our own software, Transducers and Chipsets which make NAT possible.

Sound is all around us, it shapes our lives, triggers memories, evokes emotions and brings context to life experiences.

Sound is the foundation of what drives us and the air we breathe at Noveto. Our devices are used for much more than just music or watching films, sound is how we communicate and interact with technology and the world around us. Our expanding audio engineering and acoustic team has their finger on trends in audio technology and user habits to make sure our products enhance our customers' experiences however and wherever they choose to experience sound. 


We have a genuine passion for new technology and user centric innovation. We are changing the way you will interact with your IOT devices now and in the future.   

At Noveto we've developed a revolutionary new, AI-based audio technology called Smart Beaming. It beams pockets of sound just outside of your ears - like two little invisible speakers - that follow your head when you move. This creates a very enjoyable, immersive and personalized new listening experience never achieved before. Thanks to our built-in facial tracking and advanced sound monitoring, our technology provides a more natural and intuitive way to communicate with Smart Assistants like Google and Alexa. A new way of Smart Living.


It's our mission to enhance and enable a natural intuitive interaction experience between your lifestyle and tech. Creating experiences that enrich and improve people’s lives. We are obsessed with bringing the user and audio experience to the next level.


We want to create products and innovation that define our time and shape the future.

Noveto proprietary transducer array

Noveto’s proprietary transducer array is a multi-cell module which converts digital signals into non-audible acoustic waves, which beam audio to just outside the ears, creating a immersive 3D personal audio experience.

Noveto D1 Chipset

The Noveto D1 Chipset is the heart of the SoundBeamer 1.0 and what drives the SoundBeaming technology. It works with the Noveto software, processing the users position data with the audio stream input to produce digital signals for the proprietary Noveto transducer array, which then beamforms acoustic waves to outside the users ears.

3D Sensing Module

Our 3D sensing module is the eyes of soundbeaming. They locate and track the position of the user ears to insure the audio beams to the optimal position just outside the ears, creating the ultimate immersive experience. 

Management Team

Dr. Christophe Ramstein
CEO and Board Member


Christophe is a serial entrepreneur with significant experience in tech companies, specifically in licensing businesses, an area in which he led to successful deals as well as exits. Prior to his role as CEO of Noveto, Christophe held the following positions: CEO of Myotest, a provider of smart software for the sports and health industries, VP at Logitech where he oversaw and was responsible for global engineering, CEO at Novasentis, a startup developing electro-active polymers for ultra-thin keyboards, medical and automotive applications (Acquired by Kemet) and VP Engineering, then CTO at Immersion (NASDAQ:IMMR)

Tomer Shani,
Co-Founder of Noveto


Prior to co-founding Noveto, Tomer served as VP Operations at ITL Optronics, a leading hi-tech company operating in the field of multi-disciplinary high-end electro-optic devices. Tomer holds a B.Sc. in Industrial Engineering and an MBA from Tel Aviv University.

Gil Lev


Gil brings over 20 years of experience in business and legal practice to Noveto. His experience spans Corporate and Commercial Law to M&As, technology, Sports and IP. Gil holds an LLB and BA in business administration and an MBA.

Thomas Weihs
VP of Sales


Tom brings to Noveto over 20 years of international experience in marketing, sales and market research and worked with brands such as Polk Audio, Motorola, Alcatel TCL and AEG-Telefunken and Energizer.

Eric Conyers
VP of Marketing


Eric has over 25 years' experience in marketing and brand building across Consumer Electronics, Boardsports, Streetwear and eSports. Prior to Noveto, Eric held the position of Global Marketing Director and Shareholder at Zound Industries, where he helped build, launch and grow Marshall Headphones and Urbanears, where he was part of the team that grew Zound into one top Swedish Companies and grew the company from €0 to over €54million in 4 years. For the past 5 years Eric has worked as a Marketing and Market entry consultant for multiple brands and markets.

Board of Directors

Danni Jammer
Chairman of the Board

Dr. Christophe Ramstein
Board Member

Viatcheslav Brecht
Board Member

Dr. Stefan Kienzle
Board Member

Dr. Tao Wang
Board Member

"A key to our success to deliver what is called Noveto Smart Beaming Technology on-time and on-spec was to find and work with the best product manufacturers in the world. I am so excited and happy that we found that through our partnership with Foxconn and have signed a strategic deal to produce and deliver the Noveto Speaker."
Dr. Christophe Ramstein, CEO Noveto

Trust in our strong partnerships

Foxconn is the world's largest product manufacturing company servicing big tech companies including Apple, Sony, Nintendo, Amazon and many many more. Foxconn is supporting Noveto in manufacturing our products for our much anticipated retail availability in December 2021.

"Foxconn sees tremendous potential for Noveto's immersive speaker and Noveto Smart Beaming Technology. We are excited to work with Christophe and the team to bring an excellent audio experience to the market. We continue to strive to help our OEM partners enhance their experiences and product offerings and are happy with the opportunity to be partnering with Noveto, assisting it to bring its innovation to the world"
Vice President - Foxconn.