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"Limited Edition Arctic White "

Iconic Design, Smart Audio

Compact Desktop Design

Limited Editon Arctic White

Immersive 3D Audio Experience

Hearing is arguably one of the most important of the five senses, connecting us to the world and to people. It enables us to communicate in a way that none of our other senses can achieve. Whether listening to music, movies, playing games, or having a phone or video call, there are historically only two ways to listen to sound: out loud and publicly via speakers, or quietly and privately wearing headphones.

At Noveto, we’re introducing SoundBeaming™ a third way of listening. This new way of listening beams sounds just outside your ears creating a personal 3D sensory listening experience without disturbing others - no speakers or headphones.

Personal Audio

Personal Audio minus the headphones

To make SoundBeaming™ available for all, Noveto® is developing a branded all-in-one product called SoundBeamer 1.0. a compact desktop device with everything needed to start using SoundBeaming™ technology.

Pair the SoundBeamer 1.0™ via Bluetooth to your computer, tablet, smartphone or tv, and start beaming audio straight outside your ears— comfortably. The SoundBeamer 1.0™ is ideal for video conferencing, listening to podcasts, meditation, playing video games and even home fitness. Works with Your Favorite Apps.

The Heart & Soul of SoundBeaming™

The Noveto proprietary transducer array combined with the Noveto patented D1 Chipset are the beating heart and soul that bring to life the magic of SoundBeaming inside the SoundBeamer 1.0.

Use Cases

Speakers are great if you want to listen to audio publicly, but sometimes you may need privacy or simply don’t want to disturb others who may be working or living around you. Or maybe you want to listen to something different than others in the same space. With the SoundBeamer you hear the audio, others don't. 

Home Entertainment

Ever wanted to watch a movie without disturbing other around you, without having to wear headphones? With Noveto SoundBeaming™ technology the SoundBeamer 1.0 can deliver full 3D sound that keeps you immersed in the film without disturbing others.

Home Fitness

Imagine using your treadmill or bike home-trainer and hearing the onscreen audio free from headphones. It’s not only more hygienic, but also more comfortable to exercise without a sweaty device that can get in the way, fall off, or stop working due to a low battery.


When paired with your favourite console or tablet, Gaming becomes more immersive and three dimensional, keeping in the action longer. SoundBeaming™ gives you hours of gaming comfort without using headphones or disturbing others.

Home Office

Working in an open-office environment or at home? Pair the SoundBeamer 1.0 with your computer or tablet and you’ll be able to make video and audio calls privately, without creating excessive noise pollution — all without the need to wear any physical device that cuts you off from your team or surroundings.

Built in Intelligence

Noveto proprietary transducer array

D1 Chipset

3D Sensing Module

Features and Specs:


12.2 W x 3.9 H x 3.9 D Inches (approximate size)

Ports / Connectivity

Bluetooth Connect. / USB-C Port


845g (approximate weight)

Built-in Microphone

Self calibrating built-in microphone with privacy settings and ambient cues.

Power Supply

Auto-switching 100-240 V, 50-60 Hz AC universal input.

3D sensing module

Built-in 3D Sensing Module locates users in the field of view, scans head and calibrates soundbeaming to the users ears as well as Face ID and Expression tracking.

Our partners:

“A key to our success to deliver SoundBeaming™ technology on-time and on-spec was to find and work with the best product manufacturer in the world. I am so excited and happy that we found that key with Foxconn and have signed a strategic partnership to produce and deliver the Soundbeamer 1.0."
Dr. Christophe Ramstein, CEO Noveto

Noveto Company

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Press Conference

January 14th we introduced Soundbeaming and the Soundbeamer 1.0 to media and special guests in Berlin. Thomas Gottschalk joined our CEO Dr. Christophe Rammstein on stage to talk SoundBeaming technology and why the future holds for Noveto.

Noveto 2021 Partner Award

To show our appreciation and gratitude for believing in Noveto and the magic of Soundbeaming, we presented 2021 Outstanding Partner Awards to Sascha Karimpour (Plug and Play Tech) Center, Dr. Stefan Schwehr of (Audionet), Foxconn, CEVT and SAIC.

Kickstarter Campaign

We are excited to announce the Noveto Press Conference and Experience Day in Berlin on January 4th, 2021 at the Hotel Adlon Kempinski. Media and special guests are invited to come experience the magic of SoundBeaming.


AP News

Noveto on AP News: New device puts music in your head - no headphones required. 

BILD Zeitung

Es klingt ein bisschen wie Zauberei: Das israelische Start-up Noveto will einen Lautsprecher auf den Markt bringen, den nur eine Person hören kann. Das Gerät wurde jetzt in Berlin präsentiert.

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