privacy policy

We, at Noveto Systems Ltd. (the "Company"),are committed to respecting our users’ privacy, protecting their personal informationand making sure it is used properly by us. This privacy notice explains theprincipals of our privacy practices for processing personal information on ourwebsite and/or in the course of using our services: what information wecollect, how we collect it, what we do with it, how we protect it, and ourusers’ rights regarding their personal information.

  •  We collect both personal information(which may identify an individual)and anonymizedinformation (which does notidentify an individual) about our uses, when they use the site and/or ourservices.
  • Purposesfor use of personal information may differ, dependent on the reason it iscollected: Personal information collected in the site will be generally used inorder to respond to your query in the site and communicating with you; Personalinformation collected in the services will be generally used in order toprovide you with the service and comply with our legal obligation we have withyou. We maintain technical and administrative security measures to protect ouruser's personal information
  • Personalinformation is stored securely per market standards and may be used and/ortransferred to other places around the world, whether by ourselves or by thirdparty's acting on our behalf, who are committed for the security of thepersonal information).
  • Ourusers may have certain rights with respect to their personal information, suchas the right to review, ask to rectify, erase, transfer, withdraw consent, andobject to processing their personal information, by sending us a request.
  • We maykeep user's personal information as long as required for the purposes mentionedabove, and unless restricted by applicable law, we may retain anonymized informationindefinitely.

For further information,you can access our full privacy policy, where you can inter alia find specificexamples of why and how we use users’ personal information. Our full privacypolicy is available at: [pleasepoint to a link]. If you have further questions please contact [email protected] and refer your query to Noveto DPO.