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A new standard for home office communication

Providing a simple, clear audio solution for video conference calls, the N1 also seamlessly supports vital at-home wellness. Whether listening to a favorite podcast or relaxing with the sounds of nature in the background, Smart Beaming creates a personalized, cocooned experience, elevating music, casual entertainment, and podcasting to the next level never achieved before.

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Sound is all around us, it shapes our lives, triggers memories, evokes emotions and brings context to life experiences.

Like having invisible headphones, standing in front of the N1 smart speaker, the sound is coming to you, magically beamed just outside of your left and right ears; you feel immersed in the sounds, having a very unique experience rather different from other audio technologies; you get the stereo and 3D experience, and yet the N1 is a single compact desktop device, and you wear no extra hardware device, no headphones, no wires. For others next to you, the experience is magical as well, as they only hear a whisper and you can still talk to each other without being isolated by obstructive headphones.

Immersive 3D Audio:

Two pockets of sound are beamformed outside the ears. Creating the first of its kind audio experience.

Built-in Intelligence:

AI-based built-in face, gesture and sound recognition enables a very natural and intuitive multimodal interaction, a cornerstone for the new generation of smart home apps and services.

No headphones

Natural immersive 3D audio experience with a single desktop device and without the need for headphones. A truly new way of listening.

Personalized Audio:

Smart beaming will focus audio on you, while people around you only hear a whisper.

Introducing HAL

Our intuitive, bright, circular LED display we aptly named Heuristic Activity LED (HAL) brings all your N1 and Alexa interactions to life.

Clear communication

The built-in, high-definition beamforming microphones provide a clear, best-in-class audio interaction with communication apps and Alexa.

Intuitive Design

Easy-to-reach control buttons for intuitive BlueTooth pairing, volume control and microphone muting for further privacy. Also features a USB-C port and a 3.5mm in/out jack to connect a secondary audio device.

Quality Materials

The N1 design features clean lines and luxurious fabric, mounted on a smooth, matte black aluminium frame and adjustable stand. The slim and sleek design fits elegantly into any home office or workspace.


  • Noveto Smart Beaming technology: beams personal 3D sound.

  • Smart assistant compatible desktop device.

  • Audio volume: up to 85dB SPL.

  • Audio privacy: up to 90 % audio reduction 1 meter (3.3 ft) away from the listener.

  • Connections: BT, Wi-Fi, USB-C & 3.5mm Jack

  • The HAL (Heuristic Activity LED) - embedded LED circle for live feedback.

  • Built-in microphone array.

  • Built-in face ID.

  • Noveto App, available in iOS and Android.

  • Over the air updates (OTA).