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Noveto Immersive Audio System

Noveto is developing an all-in-one desktop personal speaker perfect for video conference calls, home fitness, mindfulness, casual gaming and home entertainment. Simply pair it to your computer, laptop, tablet, smart TV or phone and start using your favorite apps.

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Sound is all around us, it shapes our lives, triggers memories, evokes emotions and brings context to life experiences.

Sound is the foundation of what drives us and the air we breathe at Noveto. Our devices are used for much more than just music or watching films, sound is how we communicate and interact with technology. Our expanding audio engineering and acoustic team has their finger on trends in audio technology and user habits to make sure our products enhance and integrate into an ever changing landscape.

310mm x 100mm x 100mm



Immersive 3D Audio:

Two different pockets of sound are beamformed outside the ears. Creating the first of its kind immersive audio experience that puts you in the sound.

Personalized Audio:

The Noveto Smart Beaming Technology creates an immersive personalized audio experience without the use of headphones.

Built-in Intelligence:

AI-based built-in face tracking and voice recognition enables a very natural and intuitive interaction, a cornerstone for the new generation of smart living apps and services.

Smart Camera:

The Built-in 3D smart camera locates users in the field of view, finds the location of the user's ears and calibrates the audio to outside the users ears, providing a personalised experience.

Built-in Microphone:

Self-calibrating built-in microphone with privacy settings and ambient cues.

No headphones, Not your normal speaker!

Natural immersive listening experience without headphones, the Noveto speaker, is truly a new way of listening.

Noveto Smart Beaming Inside

Noveto Audio Technology: a new technology which beams ultrasonic waves to your ears, creating a spatial 3D sensory personal audio experience without disturbing others - no headphones. It's an entirely new way of listening, like nothing before and will change how people experience audio.

What´s Inside

Noveto Chipset:

In charge of the algorithm that creates the magic of the Noveto Audio Technology possible.

Proprietary Noveto Transducer Arrays

New generation of audio actuators designed by Noveto for a new immersive audio experience.

Wireless Connectivity:

Bluetooth 5.0™ provides wireless audio at a connectivity range of up to 10 metres. Bluetooth enabled smartphones, tablets or computers stream audio directly to the SoundBeamer 1.0™.

3D sensing module

locates and tracks the user's ears position in real time. 

Personal audio

Avoid disturbing people nearby with sound beamed only to your ears. -20dB attenuation keeps the audio personal to you. That means someone next to you will only hear 10% of what you hear. If someone talks to you normally over a video call, someone 1 meter next to you will only hear a whisper.

Noveto proprietary transducer array

Noveto’s proprietary transducer array is a multi-cell module which converts digital signals into non-audible acoustic waves, which beam audio to just outside the ears, creating a immersive 3D personal audio experience.

Noveto D1 Chipset

The Noveto D1 Chipset is the heart of the SoundBeamer 1.0 and what drives the SoundBeaming technology. It works with the Noveto software, processing the users position data with the audio stream input to produce digital signals for the proprietary Noveto transducer array, which then beamforms acoustic waves to outside the users ears.

3D Sensing Module

Our 3D sensing module is the eyes of soundbeaming. They locate and track the position of the user ears to insure the audio beams to the optimal position just outside the ears, creating the ultimate immersive experience.