Noveto Smart Beaming
The immersive listening experience.

There are few tools we have at our disposal more important than listening. It keeps us connected to the world around us, enabling us to communicate in a way that none of our other senses can do. Whether listening to music, movies, playing games, or chatting with the people you care about, listening inspires, excites and connects like nothing else.

Historically there were only two ways to listen to sound: out loud and publicly via speakers, or quietly and privately wearing headphones.

At Noveto, we're introducing Noveto Audio Technology, a third way of listening. Our new technology beams sounds just outside your ears creating a personal 3D sensory listening experience without disturbing others - no speakers or headphones.

The Science:

Noveto Audio Technology works using non-audible acoustic waves and beamforming, placing the audio just outside the user's ears. The acoustic waves are pushed into the air via the Proprietary Noveto Transducer Array which is controlled by Noveto's patented chipset and software. From the inside the Proprietary Noveto Transducer Array looks like many ultra-small speakers.

A 3D sensing module and camera built into the hardware locates and tracks the position of your ears in real time. Move your head in any direction and the two sound pockets will follow. The sound can be heard as normal acoustic waves without disturbing people nearby. Additionally, the technology is capable of creating 3D spatial sounds and can place sounds anywhere in space regardless of head movement.

Immersive and 3D:

Not since headphones has there been a new way to experience audio. Two pockets of sounds are being beamed just outside of the ears enabling a very personalised immersive 3D audio experience.

Personal audio:

Minimise disturbing people nearby with sound beamed only to your ears. -20dB attenuation keeps the audio personal to you. That means someone next to you will only hear 10% of what you hear. If someone talks to you normally over a video call, someone a meter away will only hear a whisper.

Built in Intelligence:

The AI-based built-in voice, facial and gesture recognition as well as ambient sound monitoring enables a very natural and intuitive interaction, a cornerstone for the new generation of smart home apps and services.

OEM Licensing and Applications:

Noveto patented Noveto Audio Technology can be custom integrated into a variety of applications which will enhance and offer an immersive experience as well decrease noise pollution by 90%.

From museums, art galleries and retail stores, to kiosks, digital signage, OOH (Out of Home advertising), and pop-up locations Noveto's patented Immersive audio technology can provide high-quality, intelligent targeted focused audio which will enhance the user experience.

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